Date commenced as grad: October 2016
Current Site Location: Tata Centre Gurgaon, NCR, India
Degree/s (undertaken or completing): Bachelor of Engineering & Post Graduate in Project Engineering
University: RMIT – B.E. at Visvesvaraya Technology University, Belgaum (KA), and PGP at National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Pune

What attracted you to working at Multiplex?

I was attracted to a career at Multiplex because it is one of the most reputed and largest construction companies with a diversified portfolio of iconic and complex projects. Multiplex provides opportunities to work and enhance your skills on a global level. Multiplex has a strong work ethic, great values and employee oriented policies which I can relate to my own values. Multiplex also provides clear career paths to develop your skills and personality in the field of interest where you wish to grow.

What do you enjoy best about your graduate role?

Multiplex’s graduate rotation program is providing me with a systematic learning path which is helping me gain an in-depth knowledge of the various construction departments and subjects, and an industry understanding. The graduate program is well designed and implemented to take you along the various works that happen on a project. Every day is a new learning for me with exciting and challenging tasks that keep me involved and motivated in my work. Being a graduate, you are also given a chance to develop your interpersonal and managerial skills which are key elements to your personality development.

How would you describe your team?

The Multiplex Company Values strongly emphasise on teamwork and a collaborative approach. A productive environment is always required to keep you involved in your task and that’s where the team plays an important role. During my rotation through various departments I have always worked with a wonderful team of professionals who are supportive, motivating and help me to work through the Graduate Program in an efficient manner which encourages my learning. Team members at Multiplex have a collaborative approach towards the successful delivery of project goals.

What future do you see for yourself at Multiplex?

The Multiplex Graduate Program is very much aligned to my objective and future intent of becoming a Project Coordinator in the company. The rotation through each department gives you an opportunity to absorb knowledge from each department, which is really helping me to work towards my intended role. I am really glad and thankful to all the Management of Multiplex India for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic group of professionals.