Date commenced as grad: 4 July 2017
Current Site Location: Soho House, Mumbai
Degree/s (undertaken or completing): Bachelor Engineering and Masters in Construction Management
University: B.E. at Mumbai University, and Masters at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

What attracted you to working at Multiplex?

The first time I came across the brand Multiplex, was while watching a documentary on the construction of the world’s largest football stadium – The Wembley Stadium, London. Also during my stay in Melbourne, I ran into several of Multiplex’s ongoing construction in the CBD which made me curious to know more about this organization. I learnt about the vital role Multiplex has played in transforming skylines of major cities in Australia and assembling some of the most complex and efficient structures. Their global profile of delivering several iconic projects in the UK, Middle East and Canada attracted me and motivated me to begin my career at Multiplex.

What do you enjoy best about your graduate role?

The best thing about the graduate role is the various responsibilities you are assigned and the challenges that come with those responsibilities. Delivering these tasks brings the best out of you and provides a great learning experience. Your colleagues are very helpful at every stage and the team looks out for you.

What qualities do you think are important for someone to succeed in this industry?

Although it’s early days for me in the construction industry, I’d say apart from technical knowledge and analytical skills, qualities such as communication, genuineness and a positive attitude are very significant in this field. One has to be alert to the various activities taking place around the site and be good at problem-solving. The most important quality is to strive for collaborative team work in order to deliver a common goal – delivering the project safely, on time and on budget whilst exceeding the client’s expectations.

What future do you see for yourself at Multiplex?

Multiplex is renowned for constructing sustainable projects, revamping skylines and building landmark infrastructure projects. In future, I’d be thrilled to continue to contribute to the success of such exciting projects. Someday I’d like to lead iconic construction projects and inspire budding construction engineers in the process.