Senior Design Manager
Why did you choose to work for Multiplex?

I wanted to work for a Main Contractor after having worked for a Client Project Management company, as thought that would be where you gain the best construction experience, knowledge and training and I was not wrong!

What is your current role?

Senior Design Manager on One Nine Elms

Describe the support network that you have had access to on the programme.

Support was given to me from Project Directors, Executive Directors, Project Managers, and other Graduates while on the programme. The support and advice given to me was exceptional and unexpected as it came from individuals that I was not directly working with, but who wanted to support me in my path through Multiplex. I now share and pass on that advice to others to support their journey on or off the programme.

What has been your proudest achievement at Multiplex so far?

Gaining my Masters in Project Management and then gaining my membership to the RICS, both fully supported by Multiplex.

What do you think about the Multiplex Graduate Programme?

The Graduate programme has continued to be develop every year and I have had the privilege to be part of that development and the recruitment of the new graduates each year. The programme has been tailored to Multiplex, so is essentially a reflection of the standards, quality and calibre of the company and the people that work within Multiplex.