Graduate – Design Management
Describe the skills you have gained since working for Multiplex?

Since working at Multiplex I have obtained a variety of vocational skills through interactions with my colleagues, stakeholders, clients, consultants and various members of the supply chain. Interactions with these diverse groups of people have enabled me to become diligent in processing information, communicating with others and exploring new ideas.

Prior to joining Multiplex I had very little ‘on-site’ experience; within the first two months of the graduate programme I was fortunate enough to take part in a 5 day ‘hands on’ learning experience called Constructionarium. At Constructionarium, alongside other graduates, I got the opportunity to build a scaled down version of the Brewery Wharf Bridge, Leeds.

Throughout this week I obtained a wealth of knowledge with regards to health and safety protocol, logistics, cost control and the realities of site operations. In addition to having involvement in a wide range of construction tasks, ranging from project management to setting up welfare facilities, I also had the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, deal with conflict resolution and people management.

How would you describe the people you work with at Multiplex?

All of the people I have encountered at Multiplex have been helpful; I have been fortunate enough to build a good working relationship with my line manager and assigned mentor. In addition to this I have also been able to form key relationships and obtain other mentors through networking events put on by Multiplex. All of the above has helped me to get settled into the company and feel as though I am a part of a connected team.

The Multiplex graduate scheme is very immersive and this is reflected in the way I have been treated by my colleagues. People are accessible which helps to create a collaborative culture within the team. I have been fortunate enough to spend time at two Multiplex site offices and all of the people I have had interactions with have been more than happy to spend time explaining the various aspects of my job role and have been eager for me to assume more responsibility once I have felt confident enough to do so.

How is Multiplex supporting your long-term career goals?

One of my short team goals is to obtain my professional chartership in Architecture. I have already had talks with one of the Executive directors and they have expressed that they would be more than happy to support me throughout this process.

The Multiplex graduate scheme creates a lot of opportunities to hone and learn new skills through appointed ‘Graduate Learning Days’ and the ‘Aspire Development Programme’, these days have been a great way to obtain leadership skills which will be beneficial for long term career progression.

Aside from your day-to-day role, what other opportunities have you enjoyed since working for Multiplex?

Multiplex put on a variety of social events throughout the year such as the staff Christmas party, Pub Quizzes, summer parties, sporting events as well as many others. These events have all been fun, and are a great way to meet new people within the company.

I am fortunate to be part of a social site office who regularly put on group lunches, group outings and fundraising events within the local community. A personal highlight of mine was fundraising with the Chelsea Pensioners at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Why did you choose to work for Multiplex?

I have always wanted to work on prestigious projects within the heart of London. Having already spent some time working within architectural consultancies whilst at university, I decided that it would be interesting to work for a Tier One Contractor. After having an extensive look at various construction graduate schemes I came across Multiplex and was impressed with their portfolio of completed projects as well as ones currently under construction.

What future do you see for yourself in the company?

For the foreseeable future I would like to continue working at the Chelsea Barracks residential development until it is completed after which I hope to gain some exposure with other contract types and modes of construction. Long term, I aim to assume a greater level of responsibility within the company, whilst focusing on the technical design elements of projects from tender through to practical completion.

What is your current role?

Graduate – Design Management

What’s been your proudest achievement at Multiplex so far?

At this point in time my proudest achievement has to be assisting the Chelsea Barracks design and commercial teams to procure the roofing waterproofing package. Due to programme restrictions this package had to be procured in a relatively short space of time, as a result of this I had to assume a lot more responsibility that I had initially anticipated. It was a challenge, but through this process I learned a lot about the importance of paying attention to detail as well as the overall procurement process.

What do you think of the Multiplex Graduate Programme?

The Multiplex graduate scheme is great fun and challenging. You are given the opportunity to take on responsibility whilst still receiving a good level of support from your line manager, mentors and colleagues. I am always meeting people that have worked at Multiplex for several years which is testament to the working culture here. I have also met pet people within the company that are now in management positions that started their careers on the graduate scheme; this has been encouraging to see.