Vertical Transportation
Describe the skills you have gained since working for Multiplex?

Multiplex provides a good balance of formal and on-the-job training. For me, the most valuable formal training was ‘Presenting with Impact’, given by an industry leader. It enhanced my ability to confidently deliver a presentation in front of an audience – a key skill in the construction industry.

How would you describe the people you work with at Multiplex?

The team at Multiplex is extremely driven. Everyone is knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise and experience with each other.

How is Multiplex supporting your long-term career goals?

Multiplex provides great access to senior team members, assigning the Graduates a mentor. With their collaboration and structured training, you always have a clear direction on your development and how to progress to achieve your goals. Multiplex also fully support my membership to my accredited body (CIBSE) where I am currently working towards gaining status as a Chartered Engineer.

Aside from your day-to-day role, what other opportunities have you enjoyed since working for Multiplex?

Multiplex runs a great social calendar. Since joining the company I have taken part in the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, racing against other teams from across the country in London’s Docklands.

Why did you choose to work for Multiplex?

I chose Multiplex because I wanted to work for a top-tier contractor, which would give me the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most landmark projects. The prospect of being able to work abroad one day is something that attracted me to the company.

What future do you see for yourself in the company?

I am looking forward to working my way up through the company, and being given more responsibly on complex and challenging projects. I would also love to travel with the company and work abroad.

What is your current role?

I am currently responsible for the vertical transportation package at Royal Albert Docks. This involves the day-to-day management of the installation of 24 lifts, ensuring they are working safely and to the specification. I also look after the site temporary services, which provides power and water across the project to facilitate the building works.

What’s been your proudest achievement at Multiplex so far?

It’s hard to say at the moment – I started on my project before the construction phase had even begun, so I am looking forward to seeing the Royal Albert Docks from day one all the way through to practical completion.

What do you think of the Multiplex Graduate Programme?

I think the Multiplex graduate programme provides a good balance between the technical training and the soft skills that are required to develop graduates into good managers. It also gives you plenty of responsibility, which allows you to gain valuable experience.