Construction Management
Why did you choose to work for Multiplex?

I chose Multiplex for three reasons that made it stand out against all other main construction companies in London: global mobility, scope and complexity of projects and recent growth history of the company.

What is your current role?

Currently, I am an acting Site Manager on a large retail and commercial building project on Oxford Street, which started 3 years ago. As we are at the finishing stages of the project, I am currently responsible for the timely delivery of the main reception, a 16m high atrium, while ensuring top quality and high-end finishings are delivered to meet the client’s expectations. At the earlier stages of this project, I was also responsible for package management, as well as involved in the all the engineering works given my degree background.

Describe the support network that you had access to on the Programme?

Actually answering this question just makes you remember how lucky we are at Multiplex for the variety of support systems available! I have attended over 20 training and development courses, I have an exemplary mentor who dedicates time regularly to transfer key knowledge, and I have a great project team who support me at all levels with my day-to-day execution of responsibilities, meeting deadlines and problem-solving – especially in the areas where I lack experience.

What’s been your proudest achievement at Multiplex so far?

My proudest achievement came out of the most challenging part of the Oxford Street project. While we were focusing on the structure of the building, I faced a situation where I had to manage the jacking of a 200 tons, 150 years old retained façade. A complex planning of temporary works had to be done carefully and precise coordination had to be planned and executed effectively with lots of different parties including Westminster City Council, Transport for London, Consultants, Engineers, and sub-contractors. The successful results we achieved together (despite the complexity of this phase) were highlighted by Multiplex and resulted in me being the winner of the Graduate of the Year Award.

What do you think of the Multiplex Graduate Programme?

As a graduate choosing a career in construction you have two options; either go through a rotational scheme and have a general idea about all departments, or you go for a fixed scheme and spend the first two years becoming well experienced and great in one specific department you applied to. At Multiplex, you actually get a bit of both, even though it is officially a fixed programme. If you use your support network properly, you can get to understand how other departments work, and most importantly you end up specializing in the discipline area you have chosen.