Graduate Engineer
Describe the skills you have gained since working for Multiplex?

I have learned a lot since starting work as a Graduate at Multiplex. Firstly, I have gained some more technical knowledge and built on the work I did at university as a Civil Engineer. I have learned more about the processes of the work on site, rather than the design, which is good. Secondly I have learned a lot about management and managing expectations and workloads. My people-management has improved, and my confidence is improving regularly. However I would like to do more design work and building on the engineering principles I learned at university.

How would you describe the people you work with at Multiplex?

The team I work with is good, lots of jokes and banter, however at the same time very professional and helpful when required.

Describe how Multiplex is supporting your long-term career goals?

I am a graduate member of the ICE, and I have been set goals and targets to hit with regards to learning how to be a good project engineer through regular meetings with the other project engineers on my site and having responsibility for certain aspects of the project.

What value do you think your role brings to your project?

Graduates I feel bring a lot to the team. Enthusiasm, energy, and a fresh pair of eyes. I feel I do a lot of the smaller tasks, without which the larger tasks couldn’t take place.

Aside from your day-to-day role, what other opportunities have you enjoyed since working for Multiplex?

I have enjoyed networking at Multiplex events, and attending CPD sessions specifically for engineers.

Why did you choose to work for Multiplex?

Working on site seemed like a better option than working in a design office. It fitted me as a person better, and was the better choice for my career goals.

What future do you see for yourself in the company?

My aim over the next few years is to be Project Engineer or Project Manager, and then carry on through the senior roles in the further distant future.

What is your current role?

Graduate Engineer

What’s been your proudest achievement at Multiplex so far?

Being entrusted by my colleagues to cover their work while they are on holidays makes you feel like you are doing well, and that you have built up trust with your team.

What do you think of the Multiplex Graduate Programme?

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my first 18 months with the company (I was an early starter) and hope to really kick on in this next year and be more involved and given greater responsibilities than the relatively small tasks I have completed thus far.