Date commenced as graduate/cadet: January 2015
Current Site Location: Wynyard Place, Sydney
Degree/s (undertaken or completing): Bachelor of Construction Project Management
University: University of Technology Sydney

What attracted you to working at Multiplex?

To work with and learn from the very best in the industry attracted me to working at Multiplex. I also found the opportunity to work on challenging, landmark construction projects highly appealing. The exciting potential to work overseas was another key factor as it is something I would personally consider in future.
Additionally, my personal values aligned well with those of Multiplex, which was an important consideration for me. I was also very impressed with the culture around supporting women in the construction industry. In this aspect, Multiplex is very forward-thinking. Multiplex has a great focus on the investment of continuous development on both a personal and professional level, which also attracted me.

What do you enjoy best about your role?

The most enjoyable aspect of my role would be the great people I get to work with on a daily basis. I love that we can work hard but also know how to have a good laugh, which makes work very enjoyable and helps the team get through challenging periods together.
I also value the diversity of challenging work that we undertake. No two days are the same – I love being exposed to different tasks every day, and value the constant learning involved in not just my role, but any role. In particular, I find learning about how to best work with others (whether it be consultants, subcontractors or your own team) the most interesting. Overall, contributing to something bigger than yourself on a landmark project like Wynyard Place, and the ability to see the hard work of the team reflected by the tangible progress is very rewarding.

What is a typical day like at Multiplex?

A typical day at the moment would involve attending the daily pre-start meeting early morning, spending half the day in the site office doing a range of activities such as analysing or marking-up drawings, issuing or responding to RFIs, attending structure or programming meetings, and spending the remaining time on site. On-site tasks vary everyday from undertaking checks on structural elements prior to the engineer’s inspection, to learning about the works involved or assisting with general supervision.

How would you describe your team?

I would describe the Wynyard Team to be like my second family. I have been lucky enough to develop really great friendships within my team, and have a lot of trust in my team members. Everyone is very hard working, focused and determined to make Wynyard Place a success, but they can also be really hilarious, fun and crazy. Team members are very willing to share their knowledge to help you learn, which has been invaluable as a cadet. Everyone is so unique and different in their own way, but at the same time this works for us.