Date commenced as graduate/cadet: January 2016
Current Site Location: 300 George Street, Brisbane
Degree/s (undertaken or completing): Bachelor of Urban Development
University: Queensland University of Technology

What attracted you to working at Multiplex?

I always wanted to build big projects and work for a leading Tier 1 contractor and Multiplex specialises in large scale iconic projects. Through my time studying and being involved with construction my interest in larger and more complicated projects grew so Multiplex felt like a logical choice.

Tell us what you like about being a Graduate/Cadet so far.

A great part of being in a Graduate/Cadet Role is the wide range of skill sets that you are exposed to in the work place. The program focuses on rotations through different disciplines and the role is very hands on and varies from day to day. It’s good from a social aspect too, working with other Graduate and Cadets who have similar interests and aspirations to you is a great thing.

What future do you see for yourself at Multiplex?

Once I complete the Graduate program I would like to progress into a Site Engineer role and then a Project Engineer role. I want to continue building large challenging projects whether that be here in Australia or abroad with Multiplex.

What qualities do you think are important for someone to succeed in this industry?

The qualities I believe that are important to be successful in the construction industry are respect and resilience.

Respect is key in developing relationships with both colleagues, sub-contractors and other stakeholders and is important in developing a long term career. Being resilient is essential, the construction industry is full of different personalities some of which may not necessarily like what you have to say, and being able to take on negative feedback without becoming demotivated is integral to being able to perform in your role.